Gaia Technologies recognises that a key factor in achieving success for our clients is the effective management of transition and transformation programmes consisting of a potentially large number of inter-related projects. To ensure that this happens, we rely upon the framework provided by the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) method. As a starting point we will put in place a strong governance structure for the programme which will include representatives from various stakeholder groups with a clear understanding of the role they will play in making sure the programme delivers the right benefits, on time and in budget. Reporting lines will be established from each of the projects that make up the programme so that the information available to the programme management team is accurate and timely.

The programme management team will meet on a regular basis to ensure that projects stay on track and that the implications of any individual delays can be assessed quickly in relation to other projects so that knock-on effects are minimised. The assignment of resources is also discussed at these regular meetings so that priority is given to those projects that are on the critical path of the programme as a whole, or those that are judged to be of higher risk.

Procedures are established for the management of budget, issues, risk and change across the programme as a whole and effective communication with individual project managers is established. A co-ordinated approach is used for the management of the programme plan, with scheduled inputs from the managers of projects being incorporated into an overall picture, usually maintained via the use of Microsoft Project.

In the interests of continual improvement, we habitually conduct post-implementation reviews of programmes once they have been completed, in order to identify lessons learned for input to future programmes.

Gary says of working with the Gaia Account Director – “Clare made every effort to ensure that the Gaia experience was a positive one. Meetings were always meaningful and productive and Clare’s professionalism and calmness certainly helped make this an effective process.” Energy Coast UTC.
“The Gaia philosophy of completely tailoring their solution to meet the exact needs of the UTC has meant that we are very pleased with the way that the ICT has impacted so positively on the UTC.” Energy Coast UTC.

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