At Gaia we use Agile, scrum, to produce our software based and Studio projects. Our major ICT and hardware based implementations are managed using Prince 2. We use Agile in four phases Discovery, Design, Development and Support. During each of these phases we will be working on your products. A product, in business terms, is a small part of the final system that produces an outcome and also contributes to your final business solution. It might be the main menu of the system or maybe a 3D model to demonstrate a lesson or marketing idea. Within these phases, we use the following Agile stages. During each stage we always concentrate on providing a quality system that meets your organisation’s requirements and is the resulting system that your users specified.

“The team from Gaia has listened to us from the beginning. They’ve behaved as a partner, working closely with is to refine our solution to meet our unique needs. They understand education and UTCs so it’s been a pleasure to work with them.” – Ian Crews, Principal

Team Members

There are many different team members working with you in our Agile projects but the main ones are:

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