Service Contracts

At Gaia, maintenance and support is provided by the team that created the system. This ensures that you have access to the technical, creative and strategic assistance that is familiar with your system. Our maintenance process includes keeping your site secure with the latest software patches and upgrades. For support enquiries we provide a fast-response ticketing system combined with direct telephone support to account specialists. We understand response time is paramount to customer satisfaction and will provide you with a Service Level Agreement.

24 Hour Helpdesk

Gaia’s 24 Hour Help Desk Service is designed for organisations that need instant support for both users and administrators. With our Help Desk services, your users get access to live, full-time technical support professionals with specific expertise on your website.

In line with our certification to the ISO/IEC 20000 IT service management standard, Gaia Technologies uses documented ITIL-based processes for incident, service request and problem management. Incidents are reported to the service desk via a number of routes including email, telephone and a web interface and are logged into an ITIL-compliant service desk system. Each incident is assigned a unique reference number and is prioritised based on the customer user’s guidance, using impact and urgency as indicators. In most cases, a first-line resolution of the incident is attempted with a view to achieving a specified service level for first-time fix rates. For major incidents, a separate process is followed which ensures that immediate attention is given and rapid escalation routes are followed, liaising with the business continuity team when required.

Target resolution times for each priority of incident are agreed with the customer as part of the service level agreement and incidents that are in danger of exceeding their target are escalated to management so that appropriate resources may be allocated. Priority escalation by the customer is also available at any time. Once resolved, incidents are closed with the user’s agreement and an accurate explanation of the cause of the incident recorded, along with an appropriate classification for reporting purposes.

Outstanding problems are reviewed as part of regular reporting and resources allocated to their resolution according to the potential gain to the customer from their resolution. For problems classified as major, a review is held after resolution to identify any ways in which the problem could have been handled better, resolved more quickly or avoided in the first place

A user satisfaction survey is sent out for a random number of incidents to a frequency agreed with the customer. Survey feedback is regularly examined and reported back to the customer with recommended improvement actions. Service reports detailing the performance of the service against agreed targets are produced regularly and are discussed with the customer.

“The Dukeries Academy benefits from Gaia’s strategic relationship with both Acer and Microsoft. The close links between the Academy and Gaia has a real impact on widening the opportunities for our student and staff. Gaia’s friendly and flexible managed service, infrastructure and installation service enables us to concentrate on the delivery of outstanding teaching and learning to all of our students” Ian Barton, Principal of Dukeries Academy.
“The partnership with Gaia is really unique. It’s about being able to collaborate on tailored content and actively engage students in designing the learning experience. It’s not just about the hardware, it’s not just about asking students to do tasks on computers. Another thing that is important is that we are able to develop content that is married to the access that students have with media outside of school.” Jackie Ferris, Assistant Principal, Dukeries Academy.

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