Even the most well planned project can go off course and controlling the project is how we at Gaia are sure that this does not affect our clients. Controlling a Stage (CS) in Prince 2 is a vital process and one that we at Gaia sign up to and follow.

At the start of a stage the Project Board will authorise the start of the stage and the project manager will have this within their project plan as a milestone.   The project manager will track the progress of the stage against their project plan ensuring that it stays on track and that all interdependencies are managed.  Any issues that arise or are raised by the users or project team are controlled via our issue management process.  Any changes requested are managed via our change control process.  Large changes are elevated to the Project Board who then deny or authorise the change.  Risks are managed via the Risk Register and the project manger is charged with mitigating or removing these risks.  Lastly the project manager is charged with ensuring that the necessary resources are available during the stage.  This might mean liaising with the Project Board if it is client resources that are remiss.  At all times the aim is to produce the work package on time and to budget and quality.


Gaia uses MsProject to plan our projects.  It is a very competent tool that most of our clients understand. The project manager prepares this project plan during the Initiation stage.  On the plan will be a number of milestones for such activities as work package delivery, end of project and other key parts of the project.  The project plan will also indicate dependencies and slacks, which are free days between the start of one activity and the next dependent activity.  The project manager will then define the critical path – the activities whose projected end dates will affect the project end date is there is any slippage.  It is this critical path that is monitored by the project manager at all times.

Additionally, the project manager will monitor issues, risks and deliverables during the project as well as the activities of the project team and users.  On site our Prince 2 project managers are responsible for the delivery of the project on time and to budget and quality requirements.


At Gaia Technologies, we have a strong track record in designing IT services and strategies that fully meet the customer’s needs and take into account their existing technology policies and procedures. We achieve this by firstly reaching a full understanding of where the customer is now in terms not only of hardware and software but also in terms of business priorities, business processes and current pain points. This will be followed by a structured set of interviews with identified individuals as part of an information gathering exercise, resulting in an accurate catalogue of the available information.


Development is where Gaia excels. We work with a considerable number of cutting edge technologies such as our studio projects. We also undertake numerous technology infrastructure installations as well as transferring organisations to Cloud technology. All of these varied activities means that we are skilled in development to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Where we have an infrastructure or ICT project we will bring in the various team members and any required sub contractors such as ISP staff. We will also undertake the majority of the installation work during this phase.

With our studio projects the software is coded and tested with the assistance of the users and any modelling is undertaken. The final solution is put together, tested and then made ready to be user tested.

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