Logic Studio School - Training

An innovative approach to education for 14-19 year old students

The Challenge

The Logic Studio School in Feltham offers an innovative approach to education for 14-19 year old students. Part of the Studio Schools group, its core ethos is to provide students, through a modern and applied approach to learning, with the skills employers commonly say are lacking. Focusing on Computing, Business, Events, Creative Media and Logistics, pupils are taught by industry experts.  Pupils spend a minimum of 6 weeks on work experience; with character skills and confidence honed alongside communication and academic skills.

Recently, the school worked, with its technology provider Gaia, to conduct a two-day digital creativity course as part of Gaia’s support service to train staff. In line with the school’s hands-on approach to learning, rather than sit the teachers down in a classroom to learn, the training focused on a teaching approach. It saw two of Gaia’s consultants lead a two-day workshop for staff and students to take them from standing start to creating a short movie. They used industry standard software, Adobe Premiere Pro.

What We Did

Forty-four year 10 students attended the course, with the challenge of delivering a digital video entitled ‘A Day in the Life of a Logic Student’. From the school’s perspective, the key aim of the course was to help give students an exciting and challenging way to apply many of the things they had been learning in theory, whilst giving staff an insight into useful ‘hands on’ teaching techniques.

Ed Palmer, Head of Computing at Logic Studio School, explains: “Students have been undertaking a BTEC Unit in ‘planning a digital media product’ but often the reasons for doing particular things, such as getting permissions or planning a shoot, seemed unnecessary or boring. The aim was to bring the topic alive and help students understand the need to, for instance, source copyright free music or to storyboard their camera shots.”

In terms of course format, on Day 1, students were split between two trainers for practical training on Premiere Pro, thus building a range of skills in the different areas required to successfully complete the project. Day 2 saw students work in groups of four to design, film, create and edit their video. They also worked on a secondary project to put together a ‘this is how we did it’ presentation, which was presented at the end of Day 2. In addition to Gaia’s technical experts students were supported by professional videographers and sound engineers to give a real insight into the working life of creative professionals.

The Outcome

The course was designed to help students build a range of skills in Adobe Premiere Pro. This included general understanding of the interface; importing, trimming and inserting clips into the timeline; editing and moving clips around the timeline; the use of basic tools such as the razor tool, ripple, pen tools, ripple delete, and more; the insertion of multiple audio tracks and managing levels of voice and music including L and J cuts; completing visual transitions including crossfade and also simple audio transitions; creating titles and credits; keying for green screen and rendering and producing the video in the correct format.

The course also covered all the main areas of “BTEC Level 2 – Shooting a video” syllabus including:

  • Planning/understanding the brief.
  • Pre-production planning.
  • Technical elements.
  • Production (shooting footage).
  • Post production (editing image and sound).

The course was met with enthusiasm from both staff and students, and also helped engage students in working as a team.

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