Feltham Community College

Feltham Community College has 1,200 pupils and 150 members of staff

The Challenge

Feltham Community College caters for students aged from 11 to 18 years old, it is a specialist sports (with ICT) College located in the London Borough of Hounslow. The College currently has 1,200 pupils and 150 members of staff. The College has had specialist status since September 2006. The College were looking for a long term partner who would:

  • Help build staff, student and parental confidence, in order to allow the College to improve the quality of teaching and learning and enable teachers to focus on teaching.
  • Adopt a comprehensive E-Strategy, based on the principles of transforming teaching and learning and engaging hard-to-reach learners. Then building an open accessible system and achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Help the College align its ICT services with the FITS Framework and provide a professional service that:
    • Keeps costs to a minimum;
    • Protects teachers from getting too involved in technical support issues;
    • Enables on-site support staff to provide real value add services;
    • Measure effectiveness by using transparent performance indicators and criteria.

What We Did

It was important to Feltham College that the new service enabled students and teachers to have access to new facilities. It was expected that this would have an immediate impact on learning and teaching and help raise achievement. The College was clear in its wishes to select an ICT partner who would work closely with senior management and demonstrate that they would provide a local, friendly and approachable personal service, and not just a voice at the end of a telephone line.

On selection Gaia immediately set-up the project team and appointed a full time project manager to oversee the programme of works, liaise with all parties and become the key link between Gaia and the College.

The initial service included Cabling and Active network equipment, PCs, Servers, Peripherals, Projectors and Whiteboards and Wireless Connections, Notebooks Trolleys and VOIP Telephone System.

As well as the full integration of the College legacy ICT systems and facilities, the service also includes a refresh program, which provides renewal of all PC’s, Notebooks and User Devices on a rolling 3 year cycle.

The Outcome

The two initial challenges that had to be overcome, were addressing the dramatic loss of confidence in ICT that had been suffered by many of the staff combined with the extremely tight timescales imposed by the procurement process. The early works, therefore, were all about stabilising the existing network, restoring confidence and carefully preparing the way for the new Managed Service. The objective was to ensure a smooth start to the new academic year. Early works included commissioning of New Servers and email system. Build and distribute 400 New Laptops and establish a Helpdesk.

It is this level of focus and attention to detail, combined with Gaia’s culture and passion for customer care that has enabled a successful partnership with the college to flourish. This is also echoed in Gaia’s overall flexible and pragmatic approach, which provides a framework under which the managed service can constantly evolve and adapt to meet the college’s requirements as they change from year to year. Equipment, software and support services can be removed or added to the contract as required, in an agreed, simple and sustainable manner.

In summary, the first twelve months of the Feltham Community College Managed Service, have been about creating a robust, reliable ICT infrastructure and an effective curriculum focussed support service. Gaia has successfully established this, clearly meeting all of the College’s initial objectives.

Gaia and Feltham Community College are currently in the process of reviewing the first 12 months successes and challenges, with a view to agreeing how to adapt and configure the managed service to best meet the college’s future strategic aims and objectives.

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