Academy Transformation Trust (ATT)

Strategic ICT Partner

The Challenge

ATT is a charitable company limited by guarantee, based in Birmingham. The Trust, incorporated in November 2011, is a multi-academy trust, committed to transforming the learning opportunities and aspirations of its pupils, and the communities in which they live. The Trust comprises 16 primary and secondary academies that are based in the Midlands, East of England and South East.

ATT wished to appoint a supplier to the position of Strategic ICT Partner, which would enable the Trust to deliver ICT services to each academy. The Trust envisaged that the strategic ICT partner would form a long-term partnership with both the Trust and its academies. Because the academies joining the Trust are all existing schools, the level of ICT infrastructure that they have is varied and inconsistent. A priority for the service is therefore to ensure that the ICT managed service provides a technical solution that is both consistent and fit for purpose. All academies within the Trust are semi-autonomous, meaning that Gaia Technologies were chosen as a non-compulsory ICT supplier, meaning that the Schools can choose if they want to use the service!

What We Did

Following appointment in 2013 Gaia provided a full design service for each participating school. This included;

  • Guidance and recommendations on the use of legacy infrastructure and equipment
  • Progressive development and upgrade on each schools ICT systems
  • Connection to the Trust wide WAN network (Designed and supported by Gaia)
  • Development of individual training and CPD programs
  • Development of teaching and learning programs to support each school specialist subjects, community engagement objectives and general curriculum requirements

The process also involves arranging demonstrations and showcases for a number of 3rd party products, devices and services such as cashless catering, to ensure that the final solutions meet all of the School’s needs.

The Outcome

A consistent and qualified project team ensures that each ATT project is delivered on time and on budget. Gaia Technologies meticulously plans every step of projects, liaising with the Trust, School and where necessary builders to ensure that projects are integrated and delivered on schedule.

Gaia understands that consistent delivery of value for money is important for any organisation and especially for schools operating in today’s world of tight budgets and strict accountability. We have therefore worked with the Trust to ensure that all procurement activities and purchases, as well as the services provided by the ICT managed service, deliver Best Value. This is an integral part of the partnership governance and, as well as testing Value for Money, it is used to ensure fairness, probity and correct appropriation of public resources. The methodology to ensure that Best Value is audited, accounted for, measured and achieved for all aspects of the provision of ICT Services.

In order to ensure that Best Value for all ICT Services is delivered on an ongoing basis, an independent body has been appointed to benchmark the service and review and audit the procedure’s associated with it. This audit is performed annually on behalf of Gaia and ATT. Gaia also support the Trust to use the same process for schools that have opted not to adopt the ICT managed service and chosen instead to procure ICT through alternative sources. If the Best value process should show that a school could improve Value For Money or qualitative aspects of its ICT service by adopting the Gaia solution the above process is used to facilitate this. Gaia currently provides ICT services to 7 of the 16 academies within the Trust.


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