Product Owner

At Gaia we chose the Product Owner very carefully, after all they are the person who is ultimately responsible for the quality of the resulting product as well its contribution to the success of your project.  They will talk with you and ensure that they understand the business vision for the project, sharing it with you and the project team at all times.  They will look at the product backlog during the sprint planning meetings and, with any other product owners, prioritise them so that the project runs smoothly and as quick as possible.  They will liaise with the key stakeholders on the project and make the appropriate key product decisions on their behalf.  During the project the Product Owner will have many responsibilities, including managing end user expectations, liaising with developers and all involved users and Gaia staff. They will also manage their part of the budget.  This is a considerable number of responsibilities, so we choose our Product Owner with care, to ensure that your project reflects your business needs, comes in on budget and to the required quality. After all, happy clients are our main aim.

Scrum Master

Our Scrum Master is responsible for facilitating the production of the excellent products that our clients come to expect from Gaia.  The Scrum Master will work with the Product Owner to ensure that the right information and requirements are distilled from the user stories, and that the product backlog is reflective of the customer requirements. Our Scrum Masters ensure that the team embraces the concept of whole-team responsibility and whole-team commitment to deliver working software at the end of each sprint.

Our Scrum Masters are great facilitators between the Users and the Scrum Team and between the stakeholders of the project. To ensure that the Scrum Team stays on target and impediments are removed, at each Daily Stand Up, they ask just three questions:

  • What did we do in yesterday’s development?
  • What will we be doing in today’s development?
  • Are there any problems that will make producing our products difficult?

Scrum Team

These are our highly skilled technicians and developers.  Our Scrum Teams know that they are self accountable and know how to work, together and individually, to produce high quality products. Everyone on the project works together to complete the set of work they have collectively committed to complete within a sprint.

Their common goal is to produce high quality products that meet Gaia’s client’s business requirements.  Working productively with our users, is the Scrum Team’s main goal.


Gaia knows that the Users are the most important people within an Agile project.  Our Product Owners happily collaborate with our Users, prioritising their needs and ensuring that these needs are reflected within the resulting products and final system. To ensure that this happens, we listen to their needs in workshops, work with them in producing the products and provide them with regular feedback.  Our use of prototypes ensures that the Users can try out the products and provide feedback to the Scrum Team, ensuring you get a resulting system that the Users understand and will utilise very quickly.

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